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Myojo October 2012- Hey!Say!JUMP Shower ;D



Getting COOL?! Q&A


1. Your shower’s set temperature?

Yamada: 40 Celsius/104 F. It’s good if it’s hot just a bit.

Chinen: 40 Celsius/104 F. I always set up the temperature myself.

Yuto: 40 Celsius/104 F. I don’t forget to set up the temperature from the button in the kitchen.

Keito: 45 Celsius/113 F. Even when I’m getting it washed at a beauty parlor, I have it in this temperature.

Daiki: Because I like heat, I have it at 40 Celsius/104 F. in order to sweat, even if its summer, I soak inside the bathtub.

Takaki: 42 Celsius/107 F. I wonder if that’s hot. To me it’s normal.

Inoo: 41 Celsius/105 F. I like hot showers.

Hikaru: 39 Celsiussssssssssssss/102 F.  Not sure if that’s the exact temperature, but I like it around the lower temp.

Yabu: During the sumer, its about 38 Celsius/100F. During winter, I turn the red labeled faucet to hot.

1.Bạn tắm nước ở nhiệt độ nào ?

Sơn Điền (Yamada): 40C/104F .Nó sẽ tốt nếu chỉ nóng 1 chút.

Tuệ Ý (Chinen) :40C/104F. Tôi sẽ luôn để mức nóng đó cho bản thân.

Sắc Hoại (Yuma) :38C/104F. Tôi thích nhiệt độ đó.

Phá Truâng (Yuto) : 40C/104F. Tôi luôn nhớ để nhiệt độ đó trong bếp.

Lục Nhân (Keito) : 45C/113F. Thậm chí nếu tôi trở nên rửa trôi ở nơi để làm đẹp, tôi sẽ để nhiệt độ ấy.

Đại Ngưỡng (Daiki) : Bởi vì tôi thích nước nóng, tôi sẽ có 40C/104. Trong điều kiện thường, chảy mồ hôi, thậm chí nếu ở mùa hè, tôi vẫn tắm bồn.

Trương Mộc (Takaki) : 42C/107F. Tôi sẽ không nghĩ đó là nóng. Đối với tôi nó bình thường.

Mão Tỏa (Inoo) : 41C/105F. Tôi thích tắm nước nóng.

Thuở Tác (Hikaru) : 39CCCC/102F. Không chắc nếu nó là  chính xác nhiệt độ, nhưng tôi thích nó trong vòng thấp.

Thuất Lăng (Yabu) : Trong vòng hè, nó vòng 38C/100F. Trong mùa đông, tôi thành dãn dán màu đỏ bởi nóng.

2.What color is the bath towel that you always use?

Yamada: My family has a lot at home and we all use them so it’s hard to say

Chinen: Blue. There’s a pink one I use sometimes too but blue is my favorite.

Yuto: The one with scenery from ancient Japan drawn on it.

Keito: Brown. The main color in my room is brown so it matches.

Daiki: A white cream color. A plain and simple one.

Takaki: It’s white and it only has a logo on it.

Inoo: My family shares towels. The ones I use a lot are white.

Hikaru: A green one that only I use. I don’t like fluffy ones. It’s stiff but it can absorb water well.

Yabu: White. It’s a towel my dad got as a prize in golf.

2.Màu khăn tắm mà bạn thường dùng ?

Sơn Điền (Yamada) : Gia đình tôi có rất nhiều khăn ở nhà và toàn dùng hết nên rất khó cho biết.

Tuệ Ý (Chinen) : Xanh dương. Còn một cái nữa màu hồng tôi thường thỉnh thoảng dùng nhưng tôi thích màu xanh.

Phá Truâng (Yuto) : Cái mà có họa tiết Japan vẽ trên đó.

Sắc Hoại (Yuma) : Màu xám. Tôi luôn thích những chiếc khăn màu xám.

Lục Nhân (Keito) : Nâu. Căn phòng của tôi cũng màu nâu nên nó rất hợp.

Đại Ngưỡng (Daiki ) : Màu kem trắng. Có hình thực vật  đơn giản.

Mão Tỏa (Inoo) : Gia đình tôi chia sẻ khăn tắm. Cái mà tôi thường dùng là màu trắng.

Thuở Tác (Hikaru) : Màu xanh cây là tôi chỉ dùng. Tôi không thích nó quá mềm mại. Nó sẽ phẳng và hút nước tốt.

Thuất Lăng (Yabu) : Trắng. Nó là cái khăn mà bố tôi thắng ở 1 cuộc thi golf.

Trương Mộc (Takaki) : Nó màu trắng và có cái logo ở trên.

3.What item do you use against strong heat?

Yamada: I walk around home with the top half of my body naked. Other than that, I use my fighting spirit!

Chinen: When its time to sleep, I lay out a cooling mat on my bed.

Yuto: Sports drinks. Because it’s too sweet, I dilute half of It with water. That’s my ideal.

Keito: I drink a lot of water.

Daiki: Shorts! Because I wear them every day, I naturally choose that. I want to walk with beach shorts already (laughs)

Takaki: Something like summer clothes. I don’t have any special counter-plan.

Inoo: Water and tea. I walk around with a drink in a PET bottle. (T/N: clear plastic re-usable bottle)

Hikaru: During summer, I walk around with a towel or a handkerchief.

Yabu: I eat a soumen often. I always eat about 2 bundles of it. (T/N: A popular summer dish, Soumen are very thin—less than 1.3 mm in diameter—white Japanese noodles made of wheat flour)

4. Scary monster/ghost?
Yamada: Chuckie from the movie, “Child’s Play”. I remember watching it in terror when I was little.

Chinen: None of it is scary. They don’t appear in front of me.

Yuto: Anything related to demons.

Keito: Every single thing with horror!

Daiki: Things with unusually large mouths, several eyes or any ghost with a face that’s not normal.

Takaki: The appearance of Japanese people’s spirits.

Inoo: A female ghost with black hair that wears white clothing like Sadako (T/N: Girl from “The Ring”)

Hikaru: When I was little, my ability to see ghosts was strong and I was able to see a lot of them so none of them are scary now.

Yabu: I don’t believe in ghosts. I don’t like people that talk about being able to see ghosts.

(T/N: So you don’t like Hikaru? T^T)

5.What was your most cold experience in the past?
Yamada: Going inside Lake Biwa (T/N: Largest freshwater lake in Japan) during a historical drama’s filming. The water was cold and since I wasn’t swimming, it was a huge problem. Well, since it was a drowning scene, I was a bit relieved (laughs)

Chinen: I had to go inside a river mid-way through winter for the drama “Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata” filming.

Yuto: When my friends showed me a web page that was seriously scary. It really sent chills down my spine.

Keito: When I was little, I loved that I could experience the underwater world facilities at amusement parks. But, where I trembled the most was during a location shoot at a haunted house and one by one, all of the cameras were going out of order.

Daiki: During high school on our way to our trip to Hokkaido, I experienced a place that was several tens below the minus point for Celsius temperature. My towel froze instantly!

Takaki: Earlier, when I was taking a shower, I thought the water would be hot but it turned out to be so cold that I stopped breathing for a moment. This happens often!

Inoo: Last year, even though we were going to go snowboarding, on our way to the snowy mountain, it froze

Hikaru: When we went mountain climbing for a location shoot for tv in the fall, I was wearing a t-shirt with a thin wind breaker jacket. The mountain’s summit was super cold!

Yabu: When I went fishing at a frozen pond for wakasagi fish. Because the whole surface was frozen, no matter where we went, it was cold~ We frantically caught 4 fish.


6.Any cold puns? (T/N: Forgive me if the translation doesn’t do these puns justice lol)
Yamada: Yamada grew up, it was a bit mountain (T/N: kanji for Yama (mountain) is in Yamada’s name)

Chinen: A pun from Nice is niceeeeeee (T/N: Nice is a city in France. Thanks to chocokuu for pointing that out x)

Yuto: Is this watermelon cheap? (T/N: “suika” (watermelon) rhymes with “yasui ka?” (is it cheap?)

Keito: Keito’s knitting wool (T/N: His name is pronounced the same as “Keito” (knitting wool)

Daiki: Leave this watch alone! (T/N: “tokei” (watch) and “hottokei” (leave it alone) sound the same)

Takaki: Yuya says anything (T/N: his name rhymes with “iu ya” (to say)

Inoo: Put lemon in it! (T/N: not sure about this one if its done in English right xD but “lemon” sounds the same as “iremon” (to put in)

Hikaru: Let’s properly read Myojo~ (T/N: Myojo rhymes with “miyou jou”)

Yabu: Who’s souvenir from Holland is this? It’s Oran’s! (T/N: “oranda” Holland and the person’s name “Oran” rhyme xD)

7. What’s the thing you want to do at a beach or pool?
Yamada: Just gazing from a boat sounds good!
Chinen: If I went then I’d go to a pool instead of the beach! I want to try out the slides
Yuto: Go to the pool and have fun with the slides
Keito: Snorkeling. I want to get really sun tanned too!
Daiki: I want to play on the water slides! I was scared when I was little, so all I did back then was watch my older brother go on them.
Takaki: Surfing! Although I already have plans for that
Inoo: I want to run around a sandy beach for no reason. Doesn’t that sound like it’ll feel good?
Hikaru: Because I don’t really swim, I want to make a bbq while listening to the sound of waves!
Yabu: Not once have I been to a beach house. I want to live in a beach house for a summer and try out a part time job

8.How many meters can you swim?
Yamada: If it’s with the breast stroke, I can swim 25 meters. The crawl if impossible!

Chinen: About 5 km. Isn’t that cool? The breast stroke is my specialty

Yuto: With the breast stroke, about 50 meters? I’m bad at the crawl

Keito: Something like 100 meters? I’m supposed to be able to swim about that much

Daiki: If its with a crawl, even though I’m the worst at it, I can do about 75 meters. I can keep on going until all of my power
goes out!
Takaki: I’ve never measured, but, when I went inside the beach, I swam into the deep of it for 30 minutes.
Hikaru: Because I was able to swim up to 100 meters with my breast stroke, I should still be able to do it now, right?
Yabu: As long as it’s through the breast stroke, I feel like I can swim forever
9.What kind of swim wear do you like on girls?
Yamada: Bikinis. Because it looks like it can come off with just a flick of your finger. She’d be sexy (laughs)

Chinen: A plain black bikini sounds nice. Even though it’s simple, it’s still good!

Yuto: A dot patterned bikini. Flower pattern sounds good too.

Keito: A black or white bikini. It has an adult feel to it.

Daiki: A simple white bikini

Takaki: A white or pink bikini with a skirt

Inoo: A school swim suit. Right on the label that’s on her chest, she’ll have her name embroidered on it.

Hikaru: A yellow vivid colored bikini

Yabu: I like black bikinis because they’re exotic and mature.
10.Coming from a girl, what line would sound cold?
Yamada: “That’s all the abilities you have?” because I hate to lose, if she told me that, I’d flare up in fury

Chinen: “Because I don’t like someone like you!” But in reality, she’d be saying that she likes me cause she’d be a tsundere! (T/N: a person that’s mean at first but then turns nice)
Yuto: “It’s really impossible” but if she honestly meant it, then I to will think it’s really impossible

Keito: “You’re im my way!” if she honestly said that, I think I’d feel down

Daiki: “I don’t know anymore” It’d be the kind of situation where even though I’d talk to the girl with all of my might, she’d be getting distracted while messing around with her phone.

Takaki: “anta sono youfuku nai wa~” because I don’t have an interest in fashion, without getting mad, I’ll forgive her.

Inoo: “Stop it. Don’t get in my way” If she scolded me like that while studying, I’ll naturally get mad.

Hikaru: “I’ll make you swallow 1000 needles!“ If she said this mid-way through a fight, it has nothing to do with promises but I want to respond back with “Isn’t that a bit old?” (T/N: he’s taking this from the kid’s saying “If I lie and break my promise, I’ll swallow 1000 needles”)

Yabu: If she said “Don’t do anything. Just sit down and wait” as I try to help out with cooking.

Owari :3
If this has already been translated, then apoligies to the translator & I’m going to have to look harder again next time xD


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2016.05 Love-tune Crosstalk
“Friendship, fever!!”
Hagiya Keigo x Yasui Kentaro x Morita Myuto x Sanada Yuma

“Around beginner Hagiya, various drama…”
Sanada: Even though this was my first time snowboarding, it felt really good!
Yasui: As expected, Sanapi is used to riding boards. It didn’t feel like it was his first time.
Sanada: It was pretty easy ♪ Since I surf and skateboard too. This was Yassu’s second time?
Yasui: Yeah. Last year, I went for the first time with (Kikuchi) Fuma and (Morimoto) Shintaro. Everyone besides me was really good-. Right after we started, Shintaro said “This is so easy it’s boring!” so I was taken to steep slopes (laugh).
Hagiya: Uwa, if it was those guys I definitely wouldn’t be able to follow them! Today I was terrible even on the beginner course…
Sanada: After the first one, since Hagi-chan hadn’t come down yet, the three of us went up on the ski lift right. At that time, I could see Hagi-chan in the middle of the slope walking without his board on, and I thought “Ah, Hagi-chan…” it was painful.
Yasui: “He’s definitely sulking” (laugh).
Hagiya: Yeah, I thought “This is impossible!” and sat down for a while (laugh). But speaking of which Myuto you know, he said he couldn’t snowboard at all so I thought I had a companion. But he did it normally right!?
Morita: Yeah, somehow I did it.
Hagiya: You even said “When I went snowboarding with (Abe) Aran two years ago, I tumbled so much I looked like a snow man.” You liar!
Morita: No no, it was true!
Yasui: It’s true that when I saw Aran the other day, I told him that we were going snowboarding this time, but he asked me “Will there be anyone who can do it there?” so I said “Myuto seems like he could.” And then, he said “Myuto-kun seriously sucks at it” (laugh).
Everyone: Ahahahahaha!
Yasui: Apparently right after he said “leave it to me” he tumbled down the slope.
Morita: Ahaha! That’s right.
Yasui: But, at the end, I’m glad we all went down together one more time. If Hagi-chan had stopped after the first one, it wouldn’t have been able to end enjoyably.
Hagiya: That’s true, I’m really thankful about that!
Sanada: When we were going up on the last ski lift you know. Yassu and Hagi-chan rode together right? Then, when we were going down, I saw Hagi-chan fall and Yassu desperately saving him, so I thought “They’re twins♡”. Somehow they were cute to watch (laugh).
Hagiya: He was fighting the fear of the ski lift approaching from behind though! But, everyone taught me, and I feel like I became able to slide a bit.
Morita: You weren’t bad at all.
Yasui: Yeah yeah, it’s always like that at first.
Hagiya: Really? Thanks.
Sanada: I felt friendship in doing the last course.
Yasui: It was youthful right. Then, when we were coming down, Hagi-chan smashing into the net that’s at the side of the slope at the very end was the best (laugh).*
*Go to the end to see the picture of Yassu and Sanapi laughing at him xD

The hot topic of the four guys’ talk, Crea!
Sanada: There’s not another group that talks about Johnny’s Ginza day and night like us! (They perform May 6th, 21st, 22nd, and 31st )
Morita: Yeah. But doesn’t Sanapi always contact people in the middle of the night? Like “I thought of something bad!”. Honestly, I just want to sleep (laugh).
Yasui: I know I know!
Sanada: Because, I’m the type that thinks of ideas whenever I get in bed!
Hagiya: There was a time when the day before a rehearsal day he asked me late at night “Teach me the cords for – – song”. Even though I was tired, I thought if I ignored it we couldn’t practice tomorrow so it couldn’t be helped. So I took a video of myself playing the piano and sent it to him. And then, he replied “I don’t get it.”
Morita: Ahahahahaha! That’s terrible!
Yasui: How can he not get it-!
Morita: Also, I don’t understand his expressions. Stuff like “Let’s do discussion on our dance and funk sound*”. It’s like, are you Lou Oshiba**! (laugh).
*He says funk, dance, and discussion in katakana (so like using English words)
**I think he’s a half American actor
Sanada: But, whenever Yassan understands what I say I get motivated, and Hagi-chan too, he properly tells “Isn’t that like this?” and tells me his opinion. It’s just, Myuto’s replies are late, and his responses are always vague!
Morita: Eh, wait, wait a minute!?
Hagiya: Like “Well, isn’t it fine” and then there’s times when it’s nothing but conversational noises*.
*He says あいづちwhich is like “eeh” “un” “ah” and stuff. In English something like “uh-huh” or “hm”
Yasui: Ahaha! But in doing that he watches well, and when the conversation gets complicated he can bring us back saying “Isn’t it like this?” so he helps keep us organized.
Morita: Yassu~ ♪
Yasui: Also, Myuto’s choreography is so cool it gives me shivers!
Morita: Seriously? That makes me so happy! I’m glad, it had become like I was someone who didn’t do anything…
Yasui: Well, while we’re discussing now, even though we we’re not sure what the studio will allow yet, we want to have fun preparing what our performance will become.
Sanada: We’re planning late at night too.
Hagiya: Even though members are doing this every year, in order to not become stereotyped, we plan on breaking our images.
Yasui: Are you going to fly!?
Hagiya: Stuff like graduating from my drumming!
Yasui: Well, it’s just a joke though (laugh). There’s a lot of time in between our performance days, so I’m feeling like each show might be quite different.
Sanada: That’s why, please come to every performance-!

Left: Squeeze “Last slope. Yasui takes brokenhearted Hagiya saying, ‘If you’re a man you have the power to do it!'”
Right: Laughing really hard “When Hagiya smashes into the course’s net at the very end, his comrades…”

Myojo 2016.08
Though they have many hobbies and make plans on off days without missing a beat, Love-tune has one thing in common! These four have full plans even in private, so we’ll give you full coverage of one day’s schedule~

Hagiya Keigo
7:00 Wake up
8:30 Eat breakfast, get ready
9:00 Make bento
9:30 Cool bento, put a drink in thermos
9:45 Leave the house
11:10 College class (2nd period)
12:40 Lunch break
13:20 College class (3rd period)
15:00 College class (4th period)
16:30 Study and chat in the college’s free space [Here now]
19:00 Dinner with friends
23:30 Come home, bath
24:00 Go to sleep

On days when I have class from 2nd period, if there’s enough time in the morning, I sometimes make a bento and take it to college with me. A bit ago I made teriyaki chicken and potatos. I put lettuce on the bottom, added tomatos, and then had rice. Since the teriyaki was the main dish, it was a mostly brown bento, but it was surprisingly good♪ My college classes are mainly song writing and recording. We study how to use real song making software like what professionals use, and during class we’re also going to take the technology certification exam for that software. It super difficult, but since I want to use it for our own activities, I’ll work hard to earn the qualifications! Speaking of qualifications, I got my drivers license recently. At first I was really bad at parking in a garage, so just to practice that I went around to nearby places like big supermarkets and parked in the garages around 20 times (laugh). At that time I couldn’t imagine parking next to other cars, but now I’ve become able to park in between two cars!

Sanada Yuma
9:00 Wake up
9:30 Look inside refrigerator, make breakfast out of something
10:00 Go out on a walk with puppy Sasuke (Toy poodle – male) whose eyes say, “Take me outside”
11:00 Leave the house while hearing Sasuke’s “ku-n” whining
11:30 Go around shrines or temples
13:00 Have lunch at a café, read and write
14:00 Sweat at the gym [Here now]
19:00 Dinner with friends
23:00 Come home, fall asleep while watching a movie

I started kick boxing as just one way to shape my body, but I’ve be continuing it for 4 years already. At first I’d go two or three times a week, and now I’ve become quite strong! On my days off, when I haven’t decided to do anything, I’ve started wanting to go to shrines and temples. Even if it’s just Tokyo, there’s a lot of spots that I’m interested in. Also, I like spending time at cafes. While I read and write there, I check movies that are showing close by. If I decide there’s a movie I want to watch, it’s my routine to go to the gym before it’s time. Surfing, guitar, reading and writing, DIY, movies… I have a lot of hobbies, but as expected movies are number one! I even bought a big tv and home theater set. So I could watch movies while falling asleep, I put it right in front of my bed. Now, I’m interested in becoming qualified in something! A chef’s license would be nice. Of humans’ three great desires, my appetite for food is the strongest. I want to live eating delicious things until I die!

Morita Myuto
11:00 Wake Up
11:30 Can’t do much because of low blood pressure so lay around for a while
12:00 Lay around watching recorded tv stuff
13:00 Work out [Here now]
14:00 Go biking, have lunch at a cafe
17:00 Dance lesson
19:00 Dinner with friends
22:00 Go to the spa
22:20 Open air bath
22:45 Stone sauna (岩盤浴)
23:00 Sauna
23:15 Cold bath
23:30 Get out of the bath, drink milk
24:30 Come home, fall asleep

Since this year’s Johnny’s Ginza, I’m working out more how Iwamoto (Hikaru)-kun taught me but… I thought I’d just do it. I hate working out! That’s why I thought I’d finish the thing that I don’t want to do in the day at the beginning, so recently when I wake up, if it’s possible I do my work out early. In order to get a body that isn’t skin and bones that people worry about, I drink protein after working out. When I move in the morning I feel great too, so I’m doing my best to continue that. I wonder if I eat out a lot~. When I eat with my friends I want to stay together until the very end if possible, so when we’re finished with dinner we don’t go home right away, we go to a spa and stuff. It’s my habit to playfully wake up my brother who’s 5 years younger on purpose. Because he’s so cute♪ He’s quite plump too, so his squishiness feels good. But, he’s already a first year in high school so he’s going to become stronger, and sometimes his counterattacks are powerful and I get scared (laugh). When he won’t play with me anymore, I sulk then watch tv and sleep!

Yasui Kentaro
8:00 Wake up~ wash face, put in contacts
8:15 Drive dad to the train station
8:30 Breakfast (yogurt, etc.)
9:00 Lay around room
11:00 Leave home
12:00 Have lunch with friends at a café on the coast that we’ve wanted to go to
15:00 Go shopping
17:00 Rest at a café
19:00 Dinner with friends [Here now]
23:00 Come home
23:30 Relax in the bath
24:00 Watch tv with mom in the living room
25:00 Fall asleep

A bit ago I went shopping with Moro (Morohoshi Shoki), but he can’t decide on what clothes to buy at all. He would try on 10 things, show me each one and ask “How is it?” so it was seriously difficult… But he did things like buy shoes for his little sister, so I also saw his nice side (laugh). I bought a t-shirt to wear for lessons and two pairs of sneakers. When I was looking for sneakers black all the way to the sole, there was the New York model of a famous series♪ I showed them to the members, and even the always harsh Sanapi complimented them saying “Aren’t they cool”! Besides shopping, whenever I meet up with people we usually go to eat yakiniku~. When I thought I should look into some Japanese and Chinese style restaurants too, Senga (Kento)-kun took me to a super good Chinese place! On the way back I received clothes from Senga-kun, but he told me to take some to the other members too, so I also brought back clothes that seemed they would suit the other three. Because of that I had to carry a huge bag though!


Love-tune together at Yasui’s yakiniku place for “19:00 Dinner with friends”!
Around meat, a fun talk starts♪

Sanada: First are drinks. What do you guys want? I’ll have ginger ale!
Myuto: Me too-.
Hagiya: But doesn’t the menu say it’s dry ginger ale?
Myuto: Ah, then it’s no good for me.
Yasui: I’ll have oolong tea♪
Hagiya: I’ll also have oolong tea♪
Yasui: There’s also orange juice you know?
Myuto: Ok, I’ll do orange juice.
Sanada: I’ll also do orange juice.
Hagiya: (To the shop person) Two oolong teas and two orange juices please!
Yasui: Ah, also the combination chilled tomatoes and kimchi platter please!
Myuto: What about the meat? Salty beef tongue and… beef rib*?
*[t/n: “karubi”]
Hagiya: Bi-karu?
Yasui: Bi-karuu-?
Sanada: (To the shop person) What do you recommend? …I see, “above” means the meat we can cook ourselves.
Yasui: Ok, shall we go with “above” beef rib? ♪ Also, who wants rice! (raises hand)
Sanada & Myuto: Me~!
Hagiya: (Raises hand) Korean lettuce! Since I’ve never been to a yakiniku place and ordered rice. Isn’t that kind of thing rude?
Sanada: It’s not like it’s a prideful thing to do (laugh).
Hagiya: Because, isn’t it definitely healthier to wrap the meat in the lettuce and eat it?
Myuto: Who’s trying to be healthy?
Hagiya: If you eat rice, won’t you end up feeling sick?
Yasui: Well, if it’s us four eating, it won’t even be 15 minutes before Sanapi finishes eating, goes “Whew~” and leans against the wall way ahead of us.
Sanada: It’ll probably be like that today. Speaking of which, this is the first time I’ve ordered rice with this, and I’m kind of regretting it now.
Yasui: Seriously, you’re going to be done in 5 minutes today.
Sanada: Also, even from this morning my stomach hasn’t been feeling very good…
Yasui: Sanapi, doesn’t your stomach feel bad every day?
Hagiya: That’s why it’d be better if you switched to lettuce like me.
Sanada: No no, rice is good.
Yasui: I wonder why Myuto and I are the most skinny when we always eat the most. It’s not fair!
Myuto: Seriously! Even though Sanapi’s stomach never feels good, his body looks so built and healthy. That’s unfair! (Everything ordered is ready)
Yasui: Well, lead the toast as usual, Hagi-chan!
Hagiya: Here it is-, you’re being unreasonable.
Myuto: I’ve never heard Hagi-chan lead a toast before (laugh)
Hagiya: Ok. Well… various things happen in life, but for now let’s forget that and have a toast. Cheers!
Everyone except Hagiya: Ahahaha!
Sanada: That’s way too heavy (laugh).
Everyone: Cheers! Let’s eat♪
Myuto: (While lining up the meat on the grill) Somehow I’m always made to cook the meat~.
Sanada: Don’t you always not grill it?
Yasui: Yeah. Look, you’re not used to it so it’s terrible!
Myuto: Ahahaha! That’s the first time I’ve been told that I’m terrible at grilling it! And I’m only lining it up.
Hagiya: Sanapi and I are always the ones who grill it.
Sanada: (While turning the meat over) Look~ it’s perfectly grilled♪
Yasui: The work of grilling the meat is the enjoyment of yakiniku~
Myuto: …you’re all seriously picky about this. That’s way I always leave it up to you.
Hagiya: Liar! You just think it’s bothersome.
Myuto: I’m talking about the members wanting to eat the meat they grilled!
Sanada: Come on guys, we can eat this now! (Serves meat on the other three’s plates)
Myuto: Thanks ♥
Sanada: Delicious!
Yasui: So yummy!!
Myuto: Delicious! The rice is good too.
Sanada: Eh, Hagi-chan wait. You’re going to wrap the tongue in lettuce?
Hagiya: I’m just going to try it!
Sanada: That’s definitely not good.
Yasui: That’s a mistake, not a good idea. Ah- ahh…
Hagiya: (Eats) Yep, it’s like salad! It’s good!
Sanada: Ok, then next I’ll grill the beef rib~.
Yasui: Hot-!
Hagiya: (Flames coming up from the grill) It’s burning it’s burning!
Sanada: Just now, Yassu got burned a little bit right? (laugh)
Yasui: I got burned. My right arm definitely just got burned.
Sanada: Well, beef rib has a lot of fat so it can’t be helped. Ok ok, it’s cooked so eat up.
Myuto: Wait! Hey hey hey, don’t put the cooked meat on the plate where the raw meat was!
Sanada: What the heck, it’s fine.
Myuto: Ugh. (Grills again)
Yasui: Delicious♪
Sanada: Yeah, I feel like I can do my best again tomorrow!
(5 minutes pass)
Sanada: Whew~….
Yasui: It’s begun. Sanapi is going “Whew~ whew~.”
Hagiya: Are you already full?
Sanada: As expected, beef rib is really fatty. I’ll end with the chilled noodles.
Everyone except Sanada: That’s too fast! (laugh)




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